Learn How Other Parents Have Been Able 
To Transform Their Children's Business Revenue into passive income at any age.

Join Us April 24th at 11:00 AM EST as we break this down live!

"If you want a child's mind to grow... you must first plant a seed."
- Rob Floyd


  • You could have had a successful business when you were younger? Especially one that led to passive income?
  • ​You understood the power of money early on
  • ​You could have made money growing up without working the mindless jobs and could have focused on experiences that taught you greater lessons
  • ​You could have had investments, good credit, and money saved up when you got out of high school?
  • ​You can give all of these things and more to your kids
  • ​You could feel confident in the "how" and the "what" to make things things happen?

You're in the right place

We Bring Receipts....Or Checks...

Let's Break This Down

We Will Be Training On The Following

The parenting shifts you need that will change how you parent forever.
Strategies to diversify and maximize your child's business revenue.
Why now is the perfect time to turn your child's business revenue into passive income machine.
Learn the things you can do now that you never thought of that will set your children up for a vast amount of success when they become an adult.
The View
Change the way you look at parenting and see new opportunities for your children's success
The Power
Utilize the full power and potential of what it means to own a business and fully leverage it.
The Money
Learn how you can secure, grow, and multiply the money you all are already brining in

Imagine If you knew what it took to...

  • Turn today's money in tomorrow's income
  • Set your child up for business success now and so they will be in a good place in adulthood
  • ​Understood the multiple methods to use to turn the "lemonade stand" money into passive income your children can benefit from for years
  • ​And how your children can skip the job at golden arches and live an even more fulfilled young life
  • ​And had the routines and parental mindset to help them get all of this?
  • ​And you could breathe easy knowing that your child could take care of themselves financially if anything happened to you before they were adults?
Families Are Already Winning!
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